An appalling crime in Chumphon province on the southern coast shows again the deadly nature of debt in Thailand as an elderly man commits mass murder after losing patience with a family who he claims owed him money

A former Thai Kanman or community leader has been arrested in Chumphon on Saturday and charged with shooting dead two women, mother and daughter as well as a granddaughter of a family he accuses of withholding ฿13 million in the repayment of a debt that he says was due to him.

The 65-year-old former Kamnan or leader of Khun Krathing, 65-year-old Sunan Ramdorn in the Muang district of Chumphon turned himself into police after the husband of one of the dead women and the father of the slain girl raised the alarm on Saturday after two of his children escaped the onslaught. Police were carrying out a thorough investigation at the farmstead on Saturday afternoon.

Thai police officers were left investigating the shocking crime on Saturday morning in Chumphon province in southern Thailand on the Kra Isthmus near Malaysia after they were called the scene of the shooting of the two adult women and a 13-year-old girl.

Arrested suspect is a former sub-district leader or kamnan in the area, a respected man

The suspect in the case is a former kamnan or head of the subdistrict of Khun Krathing located within the Mueang district of the province. He was named as 65-year-old Sunan Ramdorn. 

Two women, mother and daughter, found dead outside their home with grand daughter shot inside

Police found the two adult women lying dead in front of the homestead when they arrived. Inside the building, they found the body of a 13-year-old girl. Rescue services were called to the scene as a full investigation got underway. Locals also gathered to find out more about the tragedy

65 year old admits to carrying out the killings

The 65-year-old known by local people as ‘Kamnan Khai’ later turned himself in to police and admitted that he had carried out the killings.

Police named the two adults as 61-year-old Jinda Phromthong and her 38-year old daughter Pornthip Thongprom. Both women had been shot multiple times in the face.

It is understood that Ms Jinda was the owner of the property of approximately 15 rai which grew durian fruit and bananas.

Dead 13 year old girl also shot in the face

The dead girl inside the home was the 13-year-old daughter of Ms Ponthip, Naiyapaporn Phuwichit. She was found under a dining table which was laid with rice dinners. The 13-year old girl had been shot 5 times including two rounds to the face.

The 15-year-old sister and 12-year old brother of Naiyapaporn, the slain girl, managed to make contact with their father, Ms Pornthips’s husband Mr Anon Phuwichit who raised the alarm scarcely believing what his two children had told him.

However, when he drove him his worst fears were confirmed.

Travelled by motorbike to the scene

The former kamnan was 65 year old Sunan Ramdorn. He told police that he travelled to the home on his motorbike on Saturday seeking the repayment of a debt of ฿13 million owed to him by Ms Jinda and her family.

He had loaned the money to them in 2004.

Repayment of ฿13 million debt continuously deferred

He explained to police that repayment of the amount owed had been repeatedly deferred despite continuous promises.

It is understood that the original loan was for ฿10 million and some money was repaid by 2015 bringing the balance to ฿8 million. Since then, the amount outstanding including interest was ฿13 million.

It is also understood that in recent times Mr Sunan needed the money urgently to deal with his own pressing financial situation.

The matter on Saturday had come to a head and Mr Sunan erupted in anger. He pulled out his gun, a pistol and fired at the two women killing them instantly.

Found three children inside the home, one failed to escape and died violently at his hands

Mr Sunan then went inside the home where he was confronted with Mr Pornthips three children, 2 girls and a boy.

The older girl and the boy, sensing the danger, ran off. Mr Sunan, however, shot the 13-year-old girl who was eating at the table dead

Police have arrested the former community leader and he is being held pending prosecution in the matter.

Local media report that he drove to the police station from his home his pickup truck.

The home of ‘Kanman Khai’ was about 3 km from the murder scene. Police are also reported to be in possession of the 9 mm handgun used in the killings.

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