The Two women from Spain and Argentina were taken to a local hospital for treatment and were fully conscious but shocked after they were swept by the cable to the ground off their motorbike.

Police officers in Kanchanaburi are investigating what could have been a more serious and tragic incident on Saturday in which two tourists were injured after being fired off their motorbike by a telecoms cable hanging at neck level across a public road. Officers intend to prosecute the company responsible for the cable for endangering human life. One of the tourists, a Spanish woman suffered a nasty cut to her neck.

Argentinian tourist Ana Clara Moncada speaks to a police officer at the local hospital as Spanish woman Ms Gandia (also inset) received treatment for a wound to her neck which she sustained while driving the motorbike from which both women were spun on Saturday by a low hanging telecoms cable in tambon Ko Samrong, Kanchanaburi.

Thai police in Kanchanaburi are investigating an accident on Saturday in which two tourists, a Spanish and Argentinian woman were swept off their motorbike by a low lying telecoms cable on a public roadway.

The Spanish woman named as Christina Gandia was fortunate not to be more seriously injured in the incident which nevertheless left her with a deep wound to her neck.

Hired a low powered motorbike to see the sights

The two women were sightseeing in the area and had hired a low powered motorbike to travel. The incident occurred just past a petrol station in tambon Ko Samrong in a quiet and scenic area.

Both women were catapulted off the motorbike as they hit the cable which it appears had fallen to a lower level. Ms Gandia was driving the motorbike while her friend, Ana Clara Moncada from Argentina was riding pillion.

Spanish woman suffered a deep cut across her neck

Both women were tossed to the ground at speed as the bike fell across the road. Ms Mondcada suffered abrasions and scratches to her legs and arms but was otherwise not seriously hurt.

The Spanish woman, however, was removed to a local hospital with a deep gash in the front of her neck. The European woman never lost consciousness as with her friend and received treatment at the hospital emergency room.

Police tracked down the telecom company owner 

Maintenance men were also called to the scene to make the cable safe and to assist police in attempting to identify which company owns the telecom cable.

There are reports that the company could face prosecution as the situation put the public in danger.

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