NONTHABURI: It is understood that today’s attack was linked to the man’s relationship with a former girlfriend who he is reported to have attacked also yesterday with a gun.

A young Thai man was arrested this afternoon after another Thai shopping suffered a violent shooting outburst. This time there were no fatalities except for reports that one woman has been injured after the man opened fire in Nonthaburi on the outskirts of Bangkok with .22 calibre weapon causing panic and a melee.

The young man who opened fire at the Central Plaza Shopping Centre on the Chaeng Wattana Road in Bangkok in Nonthaburi on the outskirts of Bangkok on Thursday near Pakkred was led away by arresting police officers after he is believed to have attacked his girlfriend. 4 shots were fired before a physical melee ensued.

There was another mall shooting in Thailand this afternoon but thankfully no one was killed after a security guard at the huge Rattanathibet Central Plaza Shopping Centre near Chaengwattana road on the outskirts of Bangkok intervened.

It is being reported that a woman has been injured at the scene. Rattanathibet police have now arrested the man.

Background to the shooting is a love quarrel

It is understood that the background to the shooting is a love or relationship quarrel of some nature which led a young man to fire four shots from a .22 calibre gun at his girlfriend in the company of friends.

The incident is reported to have occurred just before 4 pm on Thursday. 

Local police had sealed off the shopping centre and the crime scene for a time.

Previous gun attack on the woman yesterday

There are also reports that the day previously the man had also attempted to attack the woman who reports describe as either his girlfriend or wife with a revolver.

That incident was reported to police at Pakkred police station which is near the ฿2 billion shopping mall.

Thai public increasingly worried about security

Thailand is very much on edge after the horrific killing of 29 people by a rogue soldier on February 9th last at the Terminal 21 Shopping Centre in Nakhon Ratchasima.

This was following an earlier massacre on January 6th when a recently promoted school director killed three people and wounded four with a gun and silencer as he robbed a gold shop. He later told police he did it for kicks.

A Suan Dusit nationwide opinion poll last weekend in Thailand showed that public violence and security now tops the list of issues for the public along with the ailing economy.

The huge shopping centre reopened later on Thursday night and within hours had quickly got back to business as usual.

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+ Another gun attack in a shopping mall but no fatalities as security guard arrests the culprit after he attacked his girlfriend over love quarrel with weapon. Morris reports from Nonthburi

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