BANGKOK: The Superintendent of Samranrat Police Station in central Bangkok orders riot shields used to screen the public and other sterilization defences as police isolate against the Covid 19 virus while serving the public at the same time.

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan police has moved to ease public concern after the deputy head of the traffic police in the Taling Chan district of Bangkok contracted the Covid 19 coronavirus. Lieutenant General Pakapong Pongpetra assured the press that the case has nothing to do with routine checkpoints in place throughout the city since last week. The police chief said all checkpoints were fully sterilised. However, he did confirm that 27 police officers in his force have come down with the virus while over 300 have been placed in quarantine.

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, Lieutenant General Pakapong Pongpetra, on Monday confirmed that 27 Bangkok police officers had contracted the virus and that over 300 were quarantined. He allayed the public’s concern over checkpoints saying that the infections were not linked to these operations and that police checkpoints were fully sterilised. Meanwhile, police at Samranrat Police Station, in the old quarter of Bangkok, are using police shields to protect themselves from the virus as they ramp up isolation measures to a whole new level.

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Bureau in Bangkok has clarified that no police officer has contracted the coronavirus from police checkpoints which sprang up around the city as the emergency was declared last week.

He was briefing the media on the situation where 27 officers with the Bangkok Metropolitan Police have contracted the virus while a further 326 have been placed in quarantine as a preventative measure.

Among the infected were officers returning from a trip to Spain and others who attended a boxing event

Lieutenant General Pakapong said on Monday that some of the cases identified were linked to a group tour by officers to Spain. The 27 cases are also linked with officers who attended the now-infamous Lumpini Boxing Stadium event earlier this month or those who had socialised together. Some officers had been linked to an entertainment venue in Thong Lor.

‘According to an inspection, most policemen who contracted the virus either visited Spain or attended a boxing stadium event in Bangkok or had a meal with an infected person,’ the Metropolitan Police Bureau commissioner said.

Concern at rumours spread about city traffic police – it’s not true says the commissioner

The commissioner clarified the basis of rumours concerning the city’s traffic police. He stated categorically that it is not true that a senior policeman had contracted the virus from checkpoint duty.

He confirmed, however, that the deputy head of the traffic police in the Taling Chan area of the city had picked up the virus. It had nothing to do with traffic policing or checkpoints according to him.

‘Traffic police have not been deployed at the checkpoints,’ Lieutenant General Pakapong explained. 

He assured the public that all checkpoints were routinely and fully sterilised as had all police stations used by the senior officer including Taling Chan and other police facilities.

He did acknowledge that the Ministry of Public Health is currently investigating how the top police officer came down with the infection.

Officers at Samranrat Police Station set up police-style screening measures to ‘shield’ themselves

Meanwhile, police officers at Samranrat Station in the heart of old Bangkok have unveiled a range of measures to contain the Covid 19 infection.

This includes the use of riot shields within the station to separate the public from police officers while official business is being conducted including the filing of reports.

Face masks must be worn when entering the police station in Samranrat and hands washed

Police Colonel Itthipol Pongthorn is the Superintendent of the Samranrat Station.

He also pointed to the use of a sanitizer point on entry to the police building and only one designated entry point to control the disease.

Those visiting the police facility must wear a facemask and wash their hands before entering.

Even then, all those visiting the station are required to have their temperature taken before gaining entry.

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