Horrible twist of the knife as teenage girl orchestrated the brutal and cruel murder of her own mother, all because of teenage love. Police in Samut Prakan have brought in psychologists to help them in questioning the two teenage suspects as they investigate an appalling and tragic case.

A woman was horrifically stabbed to death on Thursday night in Samut Prakan province, south of Bangkok, in a murder plot hatched by her 14-year old daughter and carried out by the school girl’s teenage boyfriend. Police believe that the woman died because of her attempts, in the days leading up to the killing, to interfere with the puppy love relationship that has just come to her attention this week.

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Dramatic scenes at the Khajornwit Eua Artorn flat complex in Bang Phli district in Samut Prakan, south of Bangkok on Thursday night after the horrific murder of a 53-year-old woman at the hands of her teenage daughter’s secret boyfriend. The picture shows emergency services at the scene and the unnamed teenage pair, a 16-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl, who carried out the premeditated murder.

A 16-year-old love-struck teenager murdered a 53-year-old woman lying in her bed in Samut Prakan province south of Bangkok on Thursday night in what investigating police have confirmed was a premeditated attack instigated by a 14 year old girl, the victim’s daughter.

It is understood that the motive for the killing which saw the 16-year-old stab the woman repeatedly in a surprise attack, was her insistence the teenager break off a long-standing relationship with her daughter which began in school but which only had come to light in recent days with fateful consequences.

Premeditated attack on a mother in the central Bang Phli district of Samut Prakan near Suvarnabhumi Airport saw the son of the deceased also injured

The attack took place at the Khajornwit Eua Artorn flat complex in Bang Phli district and also saw the 23-year-old brother of the girl and son of the deceased, attacked by the assailant and seriously injured.

Police at Bang Phli station in the centre of the suburban province near Suvarnabhumi Airport, deliberately withheld the family names of those involved in the crime as they briefed reporters on Friday.

They also have called in psychological experts to deal with the two accused who were taken on Friday into the custody of the Samut Prakan Juvenile and Family Court as officers continue their investigation into what happened.

The full names of the two accused are also being withheld from the media.

Father of 16-year-old said his son, an ADHD sufferer, brought home his 14-year-old girlfriend for the first time this week, 3 days before the murder

The father of the 16-year-old boy told the press that his son had brought the 14-year-old girl home 3 days before the fatal attack.

He had not reacted negatively as he was told by his son, who suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), that he had received approval from the young girl’s mother.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a widely prevalent mental health disorder that causes unusually high levels of hyperactivity and impulsive behaviour among those suffering from it.

The syndrome also affects the ability of sufferers to focus and engage with key tasks by making them prone to chronic restlessness.

Mother threatened legal action under Thailand’s guardianship laws if the relationship was not halted

The father revealed that the mother of the girl had contacted him threatening to take legal action against both him and her son for depriving her of her rights as the guardian or parent of a minor.

This resulted in the father promising the woman that he would insist that his son did not see the girl again.

The 16-year-old, along with his girlfriend, was quite forthcoming under police questioning which is to continue with the assistance of psychologists assigned to the case.

He said that the girl who Bang Phli Police Station chief, Police Colonel Wiroj Tadso, revealed was in secondary school with him at Mathayom Suksa 2 or Grade 8, had come to meet him at his flat in the complex.

14-year-old girl initiated and masterminded the murder of her mother by her boyfriend on Thursday

She recruited him into her plot to murder her mother named by police only by her first name as Ms Jeerapha.

He said he followed his girlfriend to her home and he was instructed by her to hide in the kitchen. The girl also handed him a sharp 10 cm long knife.

He said after the nod from his girlfriend, he launched the attack by emerging from the kitchen and launching himself on the middle-aged woman who lay in bed.

He admitted to police that he had stabbed the unsuspecting woman numerous times in a frenzy of violence and blood spatter.

He confirmed that his determination to go through with the horrific act was driven by the belief that she stood between him and his beloved.

During the attack, the crazed lover also lashed out at the 23-year-old son of the murdered woman named as Mr Kitti who tried to come to the rescue of his mother but was forced to flee after being stabbed at least four times by the teenager.

Mr Kitti’s mother is understood to have been stabbed well over seven times in what was a ferocious onslaught.

Relationship, one of long-standing but kept secret by the teenage pair, had begun in school and online

The 16-year-old boy, according to police, was studying at the same school in Mathayom Suksa 4 or Grade 10 as his younger girlfriend.

The pair had developed their relationship which was of a long-standing nature, by continuous chatting online and were together more often recently as schoolwork, since the COVID-19 pandemic, has now moved to online classes, explained the local police chief.

The girl successfully kept the relationship a secret from her family up to this week.

Violent disturbance heard by a shocked neighbour on Thursday in the next-door flat before an injured man ran out screaming for help and covered in blood

Police responded to the incident at approximately 10 pm on Thursday night after it was phoned in by shocked residents and security guards at the building.

One resident, a neighbour of the family, 49-year-old Ms Phorn, told police that she suddenly heard a loud and violent disturbance in the flat on Thursday evening but could not see anything as the door was closed. 

However, then, she observed the injured Mr Kitti run out covered in blood and crying for help.

The alarm was raised at that point.

Crazed married man who murdered 23-year-old woman on Christmas Day was high on illicit drugs

Police, arriving at the scene, first accosted Mr Kitti on a path near the flat building.

He appeared to have stab wounds on his body, neck, shoulder and face. They arranged for first aid and emergency services to take him to hospital.

They then met the 16-year-old culprit whose clothing was covered in blood.

Police found the dead woman alone in the room with her daughter who orchestrated her bloody murder

In the flat, the body of the 53-year-old woman was found prostrate on the floor in front of the bathroom, face up. The deadly knife was lying nearby stained with blood.

Police found the 14-year-old girl in the same room as her dead mother whose brutal murder she had masterminded just minutes earlier when she put her crazed lover to his depraved work.

When interviewed by police, she claimed also to be suffering from a mental health condition that caused her, at times, to lose control of herself.

However, her older brother told officers that the family had not interfered with the girl’s relationship as they knew nothing about it until it came to light in recent days and his mother insisted that the girl was too young.

He also insisted that his teenage sister never had any history of mental illness up to this point.

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