24-year-old local man arrested by police in Thailand’s southern province of Nakhon Si Thammarat on Monday at 1 pm on a court warrant for killing with intent. It is reported that 24-year-old Junthakan Phromna has already confessed to the charges against him and has agreed to be prosecuted.

A 24-year-old man was arrested by Thai police on a court warrant at lunchtime on Monday after he had earlier in the morning knifed a 27-year-old out celebrating his birthday who had stopped at the scene of a minor traffic accident to assist a young woman negotiating with what appeared to be a drunk driver. 

Police in Thung Song in Nakhon Si Thammarat arrested 24-year-old Junthakan Phromna on Monday at 1 pm on charges in relation to the fatal stabbing of 27-year-old Sawit Maneechai. The young man has confessed to his actions and is cooperating with authorities who have charged him with the intentional killing of the 27-year-old man out celebrating his birthday with 3 friends and trying to assist a young woman.

At 1 pm on Monday, Thai police in the Thong Song area of Nakhon Si Thammarat province arrested a 24-year-old suspect who was the subject of an arrest warrant issued by the provincial court hours just earlier.

The man was wanted on charges in connection with the killing of 27-year-old Sawit Maneechai in an appalling, bizarre and unnecessary tragedy which occurred at 3 am approximately on Monday morning.

Sunday evening’s birthday dinner with friends

The 27-year-old victim of the crime had been out on the evening of Sunday 29th December with 3 friends.

They had been to dinner at a local restaurant at the popular Thung Song market. The party were in high spirits and on their way to a friends house in a white Honda sedan when they happened upon a minor car accident involving a young woman on a motorbike who had been hit by Thai man driving silver Toyota Vios car.

Came upon an accident in front of a local bank

This incident is reported to have occurred in front of the Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives in the Thung Song district of Nakhon Si Thammarat. Reports suggest that the silver Toyota Vios car had crashed into a black Suzuki motorbike ridden by 26-year-old Ms Parichart Wongmek.

Reports suggest that there was already an agreement between the woman and the drunken man

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Ms Parichart and the driver of the silver car, Wuttichai Noonkerd, who was later arrested by the police and who appeared to be inebriated at the accident scene, had already agreed on terms in respect of each other’s damages. Ms Parichart was reported to have been hit from behind by the Toyota car.

Mr Sawit’s interloping drew the ire of the Toyota car driver’s 24-year-old friend who attacked him

However, Mr Sawit, the 27-year old out celebrating his birthday did not know this and got out of his car to assist in the negotiations between the two drivers.

This provoked the ire of the 24-year-old friend of Mr Wuthichai’s who, in short order, attacked the interloper.

Fatally stabbed in the side

Witnesses say that Mr Sawit was gradually overpowering the younger man who attacked him when he was viciously and fatally stabbed in the side.

A friend of Mr Sawit named as Nattapol Rittisak received a slash to the face from the sharp knife held by the killer before the Toyota car sped off.

Birthday boy staggered across the road and fell dead

Witness accounts say that an astonished Mr Sawit staggered across the road only to fall and die, hours after celebrating his 27th and last birthday.

Later, police arrested the driver of the silver Toyota Vios car after it hit a junction in the middle of the road.

He was taken into custody for questioned on suspicion of drunk driving and for interrogation by investigating police.

Killer identified as 24-year-old Junthakan Phromna from the Pak Phraek Subdistrict of Thung Song

On Monday, police arrested the killer identified as 24-year-old Junthakan Phromna, in the Pak Phraek Subdistrict of Thung Song.

He was arrested on foot of a warrant which charged whim with killing another person with intent and carrying a knife as a weapon without reasonable grounds.

It is reported that the young man fully confessed to police that he used the sharp knife to kill the other man and acquiesced to his prosecution under the law based on the charges levelled at him.

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