A drug suppression military unit in Nakhon Phanom province arrested two brothers last Friday night. The family were told later that the older brother was being treated in hospital where they later found him dead. Police are investigating a complaint filed by the family claiming that the duo was tortured. 33-year-old Yutthana Saisa appeared to have been badly beaten while his brother 29-year-old Nathapong Saiasa was later found at a military operations centre at a temple, also badly beaten.

The top brass of Thailand’s 2nd Army in northeastern Thailand are reaching out to a family after two brothers are reported to have been physically abused after being taken into custody by a drug suppression unit on Friday evening last. One of the men died from his injuries while another is being treated at a local hospital in the That Phanom district of Nakhon Phanom province. It is understood that the commanding officer of the unit has instigated a panel to investigate the incident while police at That Phanom have expedited a criminal investigation against 11 military personnel linked to the matter which the family of the men has labelled as torture.

The family of 29-year-old Nathapong Saisa at his bedside as doctors at the Crown Prince Hospital in That Phanom treat him for two broken ribs and extensive bruising. His 33-year-old brother Yutthana died at the same hospital on Friday night (inset). Both siblings were arrested by a military unit at their home in Ban Yang Kham on Friday evening on suspicion of being involved in the illicit drugs trade. Police and military authorities are now investigating the affair with 11 military personnel suspected of being involved in the incident.

Police in Nakhon Phanom in northern Thailand are expected to file charges against 11 Thai soldiers implicated after two men, both brothers and suspected of involvement in the illegal drug trade, were detained on Friday. Both were badly beaten at an army operations centre located at a temple in tambon Fang Daeng in the That Phanom district of the province on the border with Laos.

One brother, 33-year-old Yutthana Saisa, was found dead by his relatives after they received a tip-off to visit the local That Phanom Crown Prince Hospital later on Friday night. 

Arrested on Friday evening by drug suppression unit linked with the 2nd Thai Army in Nakhon Phanom

Both brothers had been earlier arrested by the military unit which identified itself as an anti-drug suppression unit of Thailand’s 2nd Army.

The men were taken into custody at the family’s home in Ban Yang Kham in tambon Ummao located in the That Phanom district in the southeast of the border province. 

Parents say deceased man, found at the local hospital, looked like he had been badly beaten

The parents of the two men, 59-year-old Niwat Saisa and his 56-year-old wife Pan, say that from the appearance of the deceased man, it looked like he had been badly beaten. 

They later found their younger son, 29-year-old Nathapong Saisa, at a military operations centre in the Fang Daeng district and had him removed to the same hospital where his brother was found dead.

Police in That Phanom expediting the case

Police in That Phanom are reported to be expediting the preparation of a criminal case against 11 soldiers including one commanding officer, six non-commissioned officers and 4 conscripts following an expedited investigation.

They are currently awaiting the results of a post mortem on the body of the 33-year-old older brother. 

His body was sent to the Forensic Medicine Institute in Khon Kaen for an autopsy. Police are also awaiting a medical report from the hospital on the injuries sustained by the deceased man and his younger brother.

Police awaiting an autopsy and medical report to file charges against eleven military personnel

Police Colonel Srinakorn Naiyawat, the That Phanom police chief, said on Tuesday that investigators had been trying to expedite the gathering of evidence and file charges against those responsible.

The police investigation followed a formal complaint by the parents of both men to That Phanom police on Sunday evening.

Police Colonel Srinakorn has confirmed that the investigation is moving ahead and as a matter of priority.

฿10,000 paid to the family by a drug suppression centre as offers made to pay for the funeral

A drug prevention and suppression centre in Thailand’s northeast has contacted the family and given ฿10,000 to assist them at this time.

It is also reported that officers with the Surasakmontree Task Force have been sent to assist the family with funeral arrangements for the deceased man. 

It follows offers from the army to compensate the family in addition to paying for the funeral of the older brother.

Commanding officer has spoken to the men’s father 

Reports suggest that the commanding officer of the military unit involved has spoken with Mr Naisat and assured him that a military panel has also been set up to investigate what happened on Friday night.

Younger man being treated for two broken ribs and extensive bruising throughout his body

That investigation is also awaiting the autopsy results and a medical report from the That Phanom Crown Prince Hospital on both brothers.

Initial reports suggest that doctors have confirmed that the young man, 29-year-old Mr Nathapong, is being treated for two broken ribs and extensive bruising throughout his body.

The family are claiming that the men were tortured by the military unit after being taken into custody.

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