It created a social media sensation on Thursday and Friday across Thailand. The video of a hurt and angry Thai wife losing control and beating her husband about the head as he knelt in front of monks with his new, second wife touched a chord with Thai people, most especially women who were vocal in their outrage against the man and sympathy for the distraught 34-year-old woman who could not control her feelings of hurt.

A 34-year-old police officer, who on Thursday attempted to marry a second wife, is now talking about living alone and facing a disciplinary enquiry at the police station where he works after his 33-year-old wife of 16 years and his own mother stormed the event with a camera causing a social media sensation and public debate on his actions. It has also now been confirmed that a disciplinary panel has been set up to investigate the affair by his immediate superiors within the Royal Thai Police.

Scenes from last Thursday show 33-year-old Ms Nipaphan at the scene of her 34-year-old policeman husband’s marriage reception to another woman, some 16 years after the pair were married and the morning after he told her he was going to work at the local Mueang Chai Nat Police Station where he would be doing a night shift.

A 34-year-old Thai policeman said on Friday he may choose to live alone after his wedding day plans to his mistress went awry when his wife and mother turned up at the wedding festivities on Thursday morning.

33-year-old Ms Nipaphan, the young policeman’s wife, came with a friend to the party on Thursday armed with her marriage registration certificate to survey the scene.

Married for 16 years with two daughters

The couple have been married for about 16 years and have a 15-year-old and 5-year-old daughter.

She had been warned by friends, some weeks ago, that her husband’s mistress of about a year had been broadcasting that she was about to marry the officer who is stationed in the Mueang district of Chai Nat in central Thailand.

Wife speaks frankly to the media about her errant husband who she warned before the marriage

She gave frank disclosure to the media posse on Friday after the story went viral on Thailand’s social media jungle where the verdict was that her husband was an out and out rotter.

His wife told the media, even on the day of the wedding, she had warned her husband to be careful not to remarry and he had laughed the matter off suggesting he would be spending the night on duty at the police station.

‘I initially did not think that my husband would wed. Before the wedding, he was still staying at home with me and told me he would be going out to work a night shift at his station,’ she revealed. ‘I then said to him: ‘Think twice if you want to get married again. It’s nothing. Who’s getting married? I’m going out for the night shift,’ he replied back. It was hardly the truth.

Groom faced a day of reckoning

The next day, just hours later, he watched on stony-faced as his wife turned up at a property where an elaborate wedding reception was taking place as well as a traditional Thai Buddhist blessing with monks.

The irate and determined wife marched into the grounds of the property of the ‘mia noi’ to observe what for her must have been a surreal event with her husband as the groom at the centre.

She quickly became bewildered and hurt because, despite the reports from friends and acquaintances, she did not think her husband would do such a thing. 

‘The next morning, I went to the woman’s house to see whether there would be a wedding party or not. When I arrived, I was shocked and sad. I never thought he would get married.’

Policeman ordered wife to leave the marriage reception

At one point, the groom, her husband, ordered her to leave as tensions rose.

 ‘Leave the party. You are not a guest of this house. Please leave,’ he said.

But she did not. She also brought along her mother in law to tackle her errant son in her own fashion.

The young wife could not take anymore when she saw monks, revered in the kingdom, blessing her husband and his new wife. She launched herself at him and hit him around the head.

A woman crazed by love as well as the dark depths of disappointment and betrayal.

Legally you may only have one wife in Thailand, in reality, things are very different in society

Thailand’s legal code is somewhat in conflict with the country’s living tradition and practices as it stipulates that a man may only be married once, officially.

However, many Thai men have more than one or even two wives which are known as ‘mia noi’ or minor wives in a sort of hierarchy with the official wife and what are called ‘gigs’ or long term girlfriends.

The main wife is known as the ‘Mia Glang Muang’ followed by the ‘mia noi’ wives and lastly ‘gigs’ who can be both long term and short term girlfriends until they become mia nois.

Mother in law joins wife in chastising son

The problem is that many Thai women are no longer buying it. 

On Thursday, the groom’s mother, who accompanied her daughter in law to confront her son and in one of a number of dramatic scenes, slapped him across the face and delivered a withering rebuke to his behaviour.

Husband now says he regrets his decision to marry again and has described himself as a ‘troublemaker’

The policeman, on Friday, contritely told the media by telephone that the whole experience had been a nightmare for him and has left him in trouble with all parties including his new wife, old wife and what could become even more significant, his superiors at the Royal Thai Police.

The police officer described himself as a ‘troublemaker’ who had caused pain to everyone involved and said he was ready to shoulder responsibility for what he had done.

He said he would try, however, to be a good father to his two daughters whatever way the wind blows

Boss at Chai Nat Police Station is less than impressed with his junior officer at this time

On Friday, the Superintendent of Chai Nat Police Station was guarded in his comments over the affair but made a point of expressing his disapproval.

Firstly, he said an investigation into the controversy was underway and local police had asked to speak to their colleague’s wife and to see her marriage registration document. 

Police Colonel Prathorn Harnhatakit stressed that this was not a criminal investigation.

That is where the good news stopped for the 34-year-old policeman romeo who will now face a panel of enquiry set up within Chai Nat Police Station.

Disciplinary panel and matter for superiors

Colonel Prathoe was not clear what the outcome of the disciplinary action would be but there was the possibility of the police officer being booted out of the service.

The matter would ultimately be one for superior officers to adjudicate on.

The senior officer summed up his personal position on the incident by saying if asked whether what his subordinate did was right or wrong, he would reply firmly that it was wrong.

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