Thaksin says he’s coming home! Former business tycoon Srettha Thavisin campaigning in the South on Monday said he understood Mr Thaksin’s heart on the birth of his seventh grandchild and how he wanted to return to Thailand to be at home with the next generation of his family.

Pheu Thai’s Paetongtarn Shinawatra gave birth to a baby boy on Monday with photos of the potential prime ministerial nominee for the party after the election being widely shared across the kingdom prompting renewed speculation on the promised return of her exiled father, the ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra.

Pictures shared earlier on Monday by former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra of the new baby Thasin or Prujthasin Suksawat showing this mother Ms Paetongtarn Shinawatra and proud father Pitaka Suksawat.

On Monday, Thailand’s favourite choice for the PM’s chair Paetongtarn Shinawatra or Ung Ing was celebrated and congratulated by her family and the public after giving birth to a beautiful new baby named after the birth as Prujthasin Suksawat who is to be known by the nickname Thasin.

Photos of the new arrival were posted on social media by former Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra who congratulated her niece while Ms Paetongtarn’s father, another ousted PM who lives in Dubai, promised to return home to Thailand shortly to be with his seventh grandchild.

Ung Ing’s aunt Yingluck Shinawatra shared beautiful photos of the newborn and his parents online as she celebrated the birth of Prujthasin Suksawat

Ms Yingluck, Thailand’s first female government leader elected in the Pheu Thai Party landslide of 2011, also spoke tenderly about holding the new baby whose mother has been helping to lead the latest Pheu Thai Party’s quest for power as one of three nominees for the prime ministership ahead of the May 14th General Election, just under two weeks from now.

The birth on Monday buoyed party spirits ahead of the poll with the political grouping often styling itself as an extended Thai family, a key cultural theme in the kingdom.

Ms Yingluck indicated that the baby was healthy and strong like his mother and released the photos which have been widely circulated across Thailand.

Birth buoys Pheu Thai Party spirits as campaigners close in on what could be a spectacular election victory on May 14th as it campaigns in all regions

The pictures show 36-year-old Paetongtarn Shinawatra and her new son as well as the proud father and spouse of the possible next prime minister or at the very least, the latest leader of the Shinawatra political dynasty in Thailand.

Ms Paetongtarn who will play a role in the next government if, as looks very likely according to the most reliable opinion polls, the party is returned to power later in the Summer when parliament meets after the election.

Ms Paetongtarn is currently the Head of the Pheu Thai Party.

The party has seen encouraging levels of support in all regions including its traditional northern stronghold, Bangkok and surprisingly, in the South in response to its economic platform.

Commenting on Monday afternoon, as he campaigned in the South, Mr Srettha Thavisin the former business tycoon and another leading prime ministerial nominee said he understood the thinking and the heart of Mr Thaksin, the former premier who wants simply to return home and play a part in the rearing of his grandchildren after over a decade and a half living in exile.

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